A Pricing Guide To Various Braces Options To Consider

Braces are devices used for fixing teeth related issues for an improved smile and oral hygiene. The advancement in technology made the treatment less painful, and the material less noticeable. However, the cost of orthodontic treatment is high but can be considered as an investment to improve your smile. The cost of braces and treatment can be made affordable with the use of various financing options offered by dentists and dental clinics.

The cost of braces in Singapore depends on the location, type of the braces, complexity of the teeth problem, and the orthodontist. Essential treatment with metal braces can cost you up to $6,500, but if you are looking for clear braces, then the cost can go up by $2,500. Lingual braces are less noticeable and are preferred by teenagers and young adults. These braces are slightly expensive than ceramic braces. There are also Invisalign braces that are made of plastic which can be easily removed for brushing and eating. However, these are the priciest braces on the market right now as they need to be customized to the patient’s needs and replaced in every 4 months.

For people who think getting orthodontic treatment done is an expensive affair, there are few affordable braces Singapore options also. The price of the treatment can be brought down if you have dental insurance, which covers orthodontic treatment partially. Today, most dentists in Singapore offer easy payment with equated monthly instalment option and credit plans which will help to spread your costs across a few months.

The above options are affordable braces Singapore options available if you cannot afford to make payment in one go. But remember the amount spent is not only treating your misaligned teeth but also putting back that perfect smile on your fact which boosts your confidence.

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