The exotic frog legs soup


Frog leg soup is popular in the southern Chinese cuisine. It has a strong taste of ginger and garlic. Sichuan province, China is one of the largest exporters of bullfrogs and pig frogs. Humans consume more than 3 billion frogs each year.

Other parts of the world served this soup especially in the South-east Asian countries including Singapore and Indonesia. In both of these countries, the Chinese community brought in the soup. This best dessert is also common in the United States and Europe.

Do you know that people have eaten frog legs since the time of immemorial? Scientists have discovered bones of the cooked frog legs dating back to 6000BC in an archaeological dig in the UK. The British and the French started eating frog legs since the millennia.


The best way to prepare frog leg soup

Do not prepare the soup directly from the frog legs. For the best effect, you need to add these legs to a soup that already has a flavorful broth. Bring the frog legs to the table and let each one dip a leg into a spicy broth of wood ear mushrooms and Sichuan peppercorns.

Frog legs also taste great in a subtle broth like dashi. You can also add the legs to miso soup simmering on the stove.



  1. Rinse frog legs under running water and set them aside.
  2. Bring dashi to a simmer in a medium-sized sauté pan then place the frog legs in the pot to simmer for ten minutes.
  3. Add miso paste and simmer for an additional five minutes until frog legs are tender. Finally, add wakame to soften the broth.
  4. Garnish the soup with green onions and serve hot.

You will find Chinese frog leg soup in the best dessert place Singapore. This soup is rich in potassium, vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. It has very low unsaturated fat, therefore; it is good for the heart.

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