Best online business that you can start today


There is a high smartphone penetration in Singapore. This means that many people have access to the internet. The increased online presence has led to many entrepreneurs establishing several online businesses. So the question is, what are some of the profitable types of business to build?


Virtual personal assistant

Having the ability to follow the laid down procedure and policies is one of the key skills of being a virtual personal assistant. With the widespread of online outsourcing, it is possible to build a career without making any physical appearance to an office.

All that is needed is to pass the few tests and interview questions that are in line with the profession. It is possible, therefore, to establish an online business that has a focus on delivering virtual personal assistants for various companies across the world.



It is possible to earn a living through mother tongue. There is a higher demand today for translation of various pieces of information. So with the skills in several languages, it is possible for someone to land a well-paying transcribing job.

There is always no need to have a certification for such like tasks. Efficiency and ideal turnaround time are key for such like businesses. Building a good reputation will always lead to long term clients and projects.



Singapore has growing rate for private tutors. With one tutor handling hundreds of students, it proves hectic to travel from home to home to offer such like services. This is where the establishment of online classes becomes the best option.

With online classes, it is possible to reach a wider scope in terms of the students and easier to manage their assignments/homework. Skype or Google Hangout among other top technologies who have made it possible to simulate the physical classroom experience at a very low cost.


Social media manager

Today, even presidents and ministers have accounts on top social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Due to their busy daily schedule, they always employ someone who has the mandate of updating the status among other key aspects of social media presence. It is possible to start a business of managing the accounts for corporate entities and even prominent individuals.

Be unique and make good use of the available opportunities to earn a living. Avoid the crowded forms of online businesses. Always think out of the box when establishing such like businesses in this technological era.

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