How does an employer encourage motivation?

How does an employer encourage motivation?

Making your employees have an inward drive of accomplishing tasks in the workplace is not always a breeze. You need to understand all your employees and identify some of the key things that can motivate them. If you need to make good profit margins, then it will start by ensuring that the employees are a self-driven day in day out through the following:


Regular recognitions

Every human being feels good when his or her efforts are recognised in the organisation or in the presence of other people. You need to make it a habit or recognising employees who did an amazing job. That should also include the co-curricular activities. It will make them work extra hard so that they can be celebrated once again when time comes.



Do not waste that seminar room that you had spent lots of resources in putting it up. Schedule several sessions internally where employees are allowed to participate and train to upgrade themselves. Make the sessions valuable, for example, by having limited slots of attendees. It will brew the sense of being privileged if you happen to attend. Besides that, it also helps in imparting knowledge and wisdom to those in attendance.


Involvement in decision-making

Avoid having scenarios where you are the sole decision maker in the organisation. Make sure that the employees are involved in decision making for small issues. That sense of belonging and valued is always a key motivating factor. Make their views and suggestion count by implementing some of them.



Employees need to be given several benefits such as compensations and leave days. Taking a break from the normal duties makes the employees re-energize and hence have the power to propel the organisation to the next level. Give them vocational offers, holiday gifts, shopping vouchers and they will stay motivated all through.

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