Animal abuse suspected: Dead snake found at Bukit Timah Plaza

Animal abuse suspected Dead snake found at Bukit Timah Plaza

The Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (Acres) filed a police report on Monday about a potential case of animal ill-treatment.

It discovered a python that was dead along a path leading to an upper parking deck in the Bukit Timah Plaza last Wednesday having its body and head smashed, as well as a cigarette butt in its mouth.

Ms. Anbarasi Boopal, manager of Acres’ Wildlife Rescue Centre, stated that the society is attempting to find more information on the incident.

This follows a series of cat deaths in Yishun in the past two months, with the most recent occuring last Friday morning.

A team in the society had arrived within 10 minutes, as well as the mall’s security guards had alarmed Acres to the snake, she said.

“We’ve run into other events where snakes are killed because people dread them. They do not understand that snakes can be left alone,” she added.

“But this event seems different,” she added. “It resembles the snake was harmed and stepped on, as there is injury to the head.

“Its skin in the back part was stuck to the ground and there was a smoke put in its mouth.”

“It could not have been run over by a vehicle because it was at a footpath and not on the drive,” she added.

The snake, about one metre long, was a species that is normally seen in Singapore, a reticulated python. Its carcass is now with Acres.

Anyone found guilty of any illegal killing of an animal under the Wild Animals and Birds Act face a maximum fine of $1,000 per animal.

Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone who fails to provide the animals with water or food and/ or subjects them to preventable anguish and misery is guilty of animal cruelty. First offenders could be fined as much as S$15,000 and/or be jailed for up to 18 months.

Anyone that has info about the death of the python can tell the Acres Creature Offense Investigation Unit at

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